We did it! The Girl Scouts hiked the ENTIRE Appalachian Trail in “bits & pieces!”

Hike 50 Patch

From Monday, March 12, 2012 (Girl Scouts 100th birthday) to Wednesday, October 31, 2012 (Juliette Gordon Low’s 152nd birthday) 8,207 Girl Scouts of all ages (from 5 to 95) picked a section of the Appalachian Trail to hike in honor of Girl Scouts of the USA’s 100th anniversary. A total of 639 troops/groups hit the trail and got outside to celebrate!



  1. Hi everyone,
    I am working with the Girl Scout Council out here in Maine to do a group summit at Katadin. The Girl Scouts of Maine has a camp right near there so we are thinking of organizing a weekend event at the camp that would include a group summit. Is anyone interested?

      1. Yes – they do have a date now (from our Facebook page):
        “The Girl Scouts of Maine will be hosting a mini camp at baxter state park the last week of August 2012. This is going to be a 2 night 3 day event where we will camp out at the GS camp that is located in Baxter Park. The plan is to have everyone show up and camp out the first night then hike Katadin during the 2nd day and camp out for a second night and on the third day it would be open to explore the area. We are still working out the details but wanted to let others know.”

        1. One of my happiest GS Leader memories was a Senior encampment you all did 2003-2004?) at that great camp at Baxter. I do not do Facebook but would love to be a part of your hike. Is there a way to connect other than Facebook?

  2. I am claiming this one for my 1st mountain top celebration after my double lung transplant this fall. Catawba to Tinker – All the way!!! (The same stretch of the AT that I did as a Cadette Girl Scout at Camp Kiwanianna in 1968.) What better way to celebrate my new life! I better start training now so I’ll be ready in March~! I love Girl Scouting!
    “Ranger TracksAll”

  3. Looking for help in hiking in southwest NC contact me. I am with the Nantahala Hiking Club based out of Franklin, NC. The AT is 11 miles out of town.

    Bill Van Horn
    aka Dayglo

    1. Fabulous tips. Just wtaend to add that drinking coconut water is a good way to stay hydrated since it is high in electrolytes. Also, I use trekking poles which help with stability and prevent falls.

  4. Mama Boots has been a wonderful inspiration and mentor to the AT Adventurers of the Kentuckiana Council. She planned our first backpacking trips, helped us find trail angels, told us where to park our cars and even recommended camping areas close by. She has stayed connected with to our group through the fifteen Susan Hart and I have taken Girl Scouts on the AT. She is such an inspiration even today. Her enthusiasm is unmatched. Thank you Mama Boots!

  5. Our coucil will make this one of our destination trips this summer. We started the backpacking program several years ago and have lots of girls interested. I can’t wait with the help of Smurf to show them the AT. Thanks for putting this together.

  6. Our town has signed up to hike as a day trip on the section of the AT at High Point NJ. This is a great idea and I am hoping a great way to introduce a bunch of the girls to hiking.

    1. Hi Kim,
      By “our town” do you mean your local service unit? What Council are you in–if you are not already in touch with your Council’s GS AT Hike coordinator I can put you in touch with that person! If you would like to send me your email address, I can add it to my broadcast list of events and information for NY and NJ involvement in the Great GS Hike (I’m coordinating cooperation among the NY and NJ girl scout councils and the NY-NJ Trail Conference for this program).

      1. Hey Ron,
        Yes, it’s just our Service Unit. Our council hasn’t got anything concrete going yet, and we were anxious to get going on something. I posted to the email I found on your website. Hopefully we can work together to make it great!!

  7. Great idea!

    We are a troop from Richmond, Virginia and plan to do a section of the AT with a few girls from our troop (age 13-14) from Rockfish Gap to the Paul Wolf shelter and back over a weekend (10 miles total- out and back ). If any other troops want to join us please get in touch with me. Thinking about end of June-early July.

    1. According to white blaze we aren’t quiet at all. Video clips and potohs will be on the blog shortly. Only delay there is due to technology.We’re loving every minute of the experience, and hope to share as much as we can with our viewers as we go along .

  8. Wonderful pursuit! Jennifer, I’d like to suggest the Appalachian Mountain Club as another resource (http://www.outdoors.org) for hiking the AT. We maintain 350 miles of the AT in 5 states as a maintaining club of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. Our website, staff, and chapters are excellent resources for AT hike planning in Connecticut and Massachusetts, part of Pennsylvania, and from Glencliff, New Hampshire to Grafton Notch, Maine. We’re also committed to getting more kids and families outdoors as part of our Vision 2020 strategic goals for this decade.

    1. Elizabeth,
      The Mountain Club of Maryland ( MCM–Baltimore-based) is ready to offer what assistance we can with experienced hike leaders who know the Maryland AT very well, as we hike all of it each year in separate day hikes…..and we would love to be of assistance to you when you plan your AT hike in Maryland. Get in touch with me….I’m the MCM coordianator for the Girl Scout Great Hike this year. It’s such an exciting idea….and I’ll be at the Sunday celebraton and Kickoff in Harper’s Ferry. Zip me an email.

  9. I live in Alexandria, VA and would love to join in. If there is a troop out there that needs an experienced thru-hiker (2000 miles on the PCT) then let me know. I have a tight schedule but sure would love to join in. I hiked in High School with the girl scouts because at the time girls weren’t allowed to backpack with the boys on church camp trips.

  10. Is anybody out there? I signed up to cover off the Connecticut portion of the AT, about a month ago, and I never heard back from anybody. Are you running this through the individual councils? Is the idea that we’re just supposed to do it and then report back, or is there something more involved with it than that?

    1. We are here and hiking 🙂 Thx for signing up to take on all of Connecticut! We’ve had over 150 troops/groups/individuals signup for The Great GS Hike and cannot contact everyone back individually. We want everyone to just have fun, take a hike and then share your pics and videos afterwards. We aren’t too scientific about the hike yet we’ve got the whole AT covered based on sign-ups. Hope this helps and of course, Happy Trails!

    1. All of the AT is covered and twice over for The Great GS Hike – but please chose a section that you all would enjoy hiking as well as meets your troop’s abilities. Have fun and happy trails!

  11. We are in planning to do a small section in Dutchess county near Hosner Mtn/Nuclear Lake. Anyone else out there?
    Ron and Mike and others have graciously offered to help leaders plan their hikes. Thanks guys!

  12. I see you will be issuing certificates to GSs who hike during the Great GS Hike.
    Wonder if y’all selling Great GS Hike patches, t-shirts or other?

  13. Troop 6419 of Arlington VA hiked 6.5 beautiful miles of the AT near Harpers Ferry, WV on Saturday. We stopped by the AT Conservancy Headquarters to learn more about the Trail. The Conservancy staff took a photo of our Troop and posted it on the AT Conservancy Facebook page! You can find it here: http://www.facebook.com/ATHike or just search for Appalachian Trail Conservancy in Facebook. It was a great day — we were so happy to be part of this adventure!!

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